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7th October 2019

As part of our Eco-Schools initiative, we work with a textiles company, which collects all our unwanted clothing for recycling. We feel that this is really important because the materials will all be...

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Time for Lunch!

7th October 2019

Today was a very special was the first day of School Lunches for everyone! We all sat down at the Dinner Tables, said our Daily Prayer, and then we had lots of jobs to do! We needed someone...

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First Days in Nursery School

4th September 2019

We are very busy settling into our new Nursery School! There are lots of new toys and equipment to play with, lots of puzzles to complete, dough to squish and squash, water to fill and pour, sand to...

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Past pupil news

28th August 2019

Congratualtions to our past pupils Eoin Edwards, outgoing Head Boy of St Patricks Grammar School, Eva Lundy, outgoing Head Girl of St Mary’s High School,  Ruairi Murtagh, new Head Boy of...

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