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Applying for Nursery School

Admissions Information - New Digital Procedure for Children starting Nursery School In September 2019

How to apply and the School Criteria

THe EA have introduced a new online system which must be used when applying for a pre-school/nursery place. The Parent Portal opens at 10.00 am on 2nd January 2019 and closes at midnight 31st January 2019. Complete the application online listing the pre-schhol/schools on order of preference. The web address for this is:

Click on Pre-School and then the name of the school you wish to apply to. The criteria should then appear.The school criteria will be avilable to view from Wednesday 2nd January 2019, through the Parent Portal. A paper copy is also available in school.

Ensure that you bring your child's birth certificate and any other verifying information to the First preference pre-school/school by 12.00 noon on Friday 8th February 2019.

For those parents who are receiving Income Support or Universal Credit a Benefit Verifcation form can be downloaded from the website or is available from the school from 2nd January 2019. This form must be stamped and brought to the First preference school, by 12.00 noon on Friday 8th February.  

The Admissions Helpdesk phone number is: 028 955595



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