Ways to Help Your Child at Home

Alongside school-based ideas and suppport, Family Support NI have launched a new, improved, brighter and better website, which can be viewed at www.familysupportni.gov.uk

Ideas within our School

School library:

Your child will bring a Library Book or Story Sack home each week. Read the book with your child or use the lovely things in the story sack. Make sure to return these to school so your child bring another one home. Remember reading to your child helps improve their language and literacy skills and it's fun!

Backpack/Nursery Rhyme pack

Your child will have the opportunity to bring home a special backpack or nursery rhyme pack each week. Look at the ideas book inside the backpack and do the activities together. Read the nursery rhymes with your child and use the toys provided to enhance the fun!

Maths activities to do at home

  • Count out the chips, sausages or carrots etc. as you serve them for dinner and you’ll reinforce his/her counting skills.
  • Cutting pizza or cake into eight slices gives your child a lesson in fractions—especially if you ask him to tell you how much pizza is left after you serve two slices.
  • Get your child to help sort out the washing: How many towels are there? Can you match the socks by colour?
  • Use a calendar and count the days until a birthday or a special holiday
  • Play simple board games where your child moves from one place to the next.
  • Use a dice to play a game and name the numbers
  • Let your child measure ingredients for a simple recipe
  • Look for shapes in the environment - road signs, windows, a clock, etc.

Help your child learn through their play by:

  • Giving your child space to play - don't fill their day with busy things.
  • Listening to your child and talking about their interests.
  • Playing with your child - encourage turn taking and don't always let your child win!
  • Setting clear boundaries and maintain them consistently - Value your child's opinion.
  • Ensure your child has regular playtime outside - enjoying space, climbing, cycling, throwing, catching, etc.
  • Creating a balance of play experiences where your child plays alone, with other children and adults.
  • Encouraging and helping your child to finish things - celebrate achievements
  • Telling your child you love them!
  • Seeing the world through your chiild's eyes!

Have a Good Bedtime Routine:

  • have a bath, then put on night clothes
  • have supper or a milky drink
  • brush teeth
  • go to bed 
  • share a bedtime story
  • have a goodnight kiss and a cuddle
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