Recycling Week Remember to bring in cereal boxes, plastic bottles and newspapers for our recycling centre


A visit from Nurse Orlaith

13th November 2018

We were very excited to have a visit from Nurse Orlaith this morning! Nurse Orlaith had a big bag full of lots of equipment she needed. We looked at X-Ray's and learned that these were photographs of...

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25th October 2018

We have had a wonderful week getting ready for Halloween! We have made spooky dough characters and scary dough buns, mixed witch's and wizard potions during water play, dressed up in costumes in the...

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Soccer Skills

24th October 2018

Both classes have begun learning new soccer skills, with Burns' Soccer. Each alternate Wednesday, we walk up to St. Colmcille's Primary School, and have half an hour of fantastic fun! We are also...

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Celebrating Maths Week

18th October 2018

This week was "Maths Week Ireland". We have been singing lots of number songs and rhymes, listened to stories with a number-themed focus, and lots of our activity tables have had a...

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Amazing Autumn

14th October 2018

We are learning all about the season of Autumn during this month. We have listened to lots of Autumnal stories, sang songs, painted Autumn pictures and made collages, experimented with brown dough,...

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Time for Lunch!

10th October 2018

All of our 52 children are now staying for lunch! Yum! We are practising new routines at Lunchtime. We all say our Prayers and thank God for our food. The children are then given very important jobs,...

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Our First Month in Nursery School

25th September 2018

We have had such an enjoyable and busy September! All 52 are now settled into school, and are learning new routines, making new friends, singing lots of new songs, listening to stories and playing...

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Settling into Nursery School

12th September 2018

We have had a very busy few weeks of Nursery School! The children are really enjoying playing with lots of toys and activities; dough, sand, painting, tabletop toys, water, construction....... Each...

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