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Last days at Nursery School

29th June 2018

We had a wonderful final week at Nursery School, greatly helped by the fantastic weather! Lots of outside play, watering flowers, setting up picnics for the dolls and teddies, eating delicious ice...

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Recycling Workshop

25th June 2018

We were very lucky to have a visit this morning from Lucinda, a member of Down District Council Recycling team. Lucinda read us a story all about the importance of recycling our litter and not just...

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Tadpole Rag

20th June 2018

We have been working very hard singing our songs for our performance of Tadpole Rag. We learned all the words and each child had a special song to sing in a small group; some were frogs, tadpoles,...

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Sports Day

17th June 2018

We have all been practising very hard for our School Sports Day, held in the Ballymote Sports Centre on Friday morning. Lots of Mums, Dads, Grandparents, friends and carers came to watch us and gave...

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Barbecue Day!

12th June 2018

We were very excited to find out we were having a Barbecue this morning! Mrs Gormley very carefully cooked the sausages and called us over when our Hot Dogs were ready. We had tomato sauce and orange...

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Our Trip to Castlewellan

6th June 2018

We had a fantastic school trip this morning! We all got on the coach, put on our seat belts,and sang all the way there! We walked down to the lake and saw the enormous castle! We were so excited to...

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Speech and Language Workshops

4th June 2018

We had another visit this morning from Speech and Language Therapists, from Smalltalk NI, Caroline and Ruth. They have been invited to our school as part of our, "Getting Ready to Learn" initiative,...

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A Balancing Act!

1st June 2018

We have been very busy practising our gross motor skills this morning! We turned a bench upside down and practiced walking across it.....very carefully! It felt a bit wobbly at first, but we soon...

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Teddy Toddle

18th May 2018

This morning was the day of our annual Teddy Toddle! We were so excited...and it was a lovely sunny day!! Everyone brought a beautiful cuddly toy with them and we walked around the school grounds TEN...

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Hullabaloo Theatre Visit

8th May 2018

Mr Hullabaloo Theatre Group came to visit us this morning! We had great fun taking part in two stories this morning; The Little Starfish, and Peter Pan. We loved listening to, and joining in, with...

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A visit from a Flautist

27th April 2018

Jonah's mummy, Elaine, came in to see us today. She brought her very special, beautiful silver flute with her. Elaine showed us photos of some orchestral musical instruments, ( violin, trumpet...)...

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24th April 2018

We were all very excited to have a visit from Zoolab this morning! Bronte, the Zoolab ranger, brought lots of wild creatures in to see us! We saw: a giant snail, a giant millipede, a tarantula, an...

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Art Workshop

23rd April 2018

As part of our," Getting ready to learn" initiative, we invited parents and carers to join in with our Art workshop. We aimed to give parents lots of ideas of how to support the children's learning,...

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Eco-Schools Big Spring Clean

20th April 2018

Every year in our school, we take part in the Eco-School Big Spring Clean. We invite children from St Colmcilles PS to come down and help us tidy up our outside environment. We put on our gloves and...

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Mummy and baby visit

19th April 2018

In Nursery School today, each class had a visit from a baby, as part of our topic for April. Mrs Gormley's class had a visit from Mummy Linda and Baby Elise (Sophia-Grace's family) , and Mrs...

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Make and Take Parents' Workshop

18th April 2018

As part of our, "Getting Ready to Learn" initiative, we are working closely with Speech and Language therapists, Caroline and Ruth. They have provided excellent workshops for both the children and...

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Action for Cancer- Health Action Heroes

17th April 2018

We had a very important visit from Emma and Ann this morning, who work for Action for Cancer. They came into Nursery to teach us about how to stay healthy, by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and...

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A very musical morning!

13th April 2018

We were very lucky to have a visit from Orlaith, who is a fantastic violin player ! She showed us her violin and we looked carefully at the bow and then counted the strings! Orlaith then played some...

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Easter Party Day!

29th March 2018

We had such an exciting morning! We had a non-uniform day at Nursery today and lots of free play! Then, we went outside and had an Easter egg Treasure Hunt! It was such fun trying to find the hidden...

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Mr Hullabaloo Visit

28th March 2018

As part of our "Big Bedtime Read" initiative, Mr Hullabaloo Theatre Company came into our Nursery this evening, to perform three bedtime stories for us. And, best of all.....we all wore our...

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