Last few days of Nursery School

27th June 2019

We have had such fun during our last few days at school. The sun has been shining, we have had lots of Outside Play, a Barbecue and treats too! For Snack today, we ate lots of fresh fruit....and then...

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Barbecue Time!

25th June 2019

Hooray! the Weather Forecast was dry and sunny for today, so we thought we would have our School Barbecue! Mrs Gormley expertly cooked all the sausages and we all ate lovely yummy hotdogs and drank...

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Caterpillar Boogie

19th June 2019

These past few weeks, we have been busy practising lots of new songs all about caterpillars and butterflies. This has fitted in so well with our, " Minibeast" topic and we were really looking forward...

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Sports Day

14th June 2019

We couldn't wait for Sports Day to arrive! At 9:30am, we walked over to the Ballymote Sports and Wellbeing Centre, sat on the big red mats, and listened carefully to Mrs Gormley's instructions. We...

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Fly, Butterfly, Fly!

11th June 2019

Today was a very special day. We have spent the last few weeks observing, and looking after our caterpillars. We were amazed they grew so quickly! Two weeks ago, we came into Nursery, and something...

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Our School Trip to Castlewellan

5th June 2019

We woke up very excited this morning; today was our school trip to Castlewellan Forest Park! At 9:30am the big coach came and took Mrs Gormley's and Mrs McLaughlin's children to the start of an...

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Picnic Lunch!

22nd May 2019

It was another beautiful, sunny day today! Instead of eating our lunch in the classrooms, we had a picnic outside! Wednesday is usually Chicken Curry day, but we ate lots and lots of ham, cheese, egg...

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Making the most of the sunshine!

21st May 2019

It was such a beautiful day today that we spent most of our morning outside! We caught fish on the big boat, made lots of mud pies and stew in our Mud Kitchen, tried to count woodlouse on the logs in...

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Recycling Visit

20th May 2019

Noel and Lucinda from Eco-schools Ni came to visit us this morning. They talked to us about the importance of recycling our waste, both at school and home. There are lots of amazing things that we...

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Teddy Toddle

17th May 2019

This morning was our annual Teddy Toddle! We all bought in a special cuddly toy, and walked around our school grounds ten times. All our family members and friends were cheering us on, it was great...

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A flying visit from Ava's Mum!

14th May 2019

Avas's mum, Olivia, came into Nursery this morning to tell us all about her job as an Airline Pilot. Olivia told us all about her busy job, including how important it is that she carries a torch with...

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A visit from the puppies!

9th May 2019

We had a very special visit from five Shih Tzu puppies this morning! We were allowed to pet them, very, very gently! We loved watching them run about and play... Thank you so much for coming to visit...

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A Visit from Mr Hullabaloo!

7th May 2019

We were very lucky to have another visit from Hullabaloo Theatre Company this morning! Lots of children were given the chance to dress up and take part in the show! We had great fun, and the children...

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Health Action Heroes!

30th April 2019

Anne, from Action Cancer, came to visit us this morning. We listened very carefully as she told us lots of ways to keep fit and healthy, just like Mambo and Jazz, our Health Action Heroes! We then...

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Easter Time!

18th April 2019

We have had a very busy week, getting ready for Easter. We made Easter cards, sang Easter/Springtime songs, listened to Easter stories, enjoyed Easter Art and dough activities....and then today, went...

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Mr Hullabaloo's Bedtime Show

17th April 2019

We were so excited to wear our pyjamas to school this evening! Mr Hullabaloo Theatre Company came to our school. We listened very carefully to; The Ugly Duckling, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and...

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A Visit from Baby Kier

15th April 2019

Today was a very special daywe had a visit from Saul's brother, baby Kier!We have been learning all about Mummies and Babies this month,as part of our April topic. Kier's mummy,Marianne, bought...

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Parents PSE Afternoon

15th April 2019

As part of our "Getting Ready to Learn" initiative, we invited parents and carers into our rooms to see all the hard work we have been doing! Our focus this afternoon was Personal, Social and...

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Eco Schools Big Spring Clean

2nd April 2019

We held our annual Big Spring Clean this morning! As looking after our school environment is one of our Eco Targets, (see the Eco Notice board!) it is very important to keep our grounds neat, tidy...

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All about the Month of March!

31st March 2019

We have had a very busy month this March! Our topics were: Spring, St Patrick, and the colour green! We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, which were yummy! For St Patrick's Day, we dressed in green...

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